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How to Become
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Learn the 5-Point Path to making a positive impact as a nature photographer or filmmaker without getting side-tracked by your busy schedule, lost in all of the “how do I”s or wasting time wondering about the best things to focus on right now.

What You'll Learn

in this FREE Masterclass

– 1 –

The Essential Mindset Shift

that highly successful nature conservation photographers and filmmakers make early on in their careers, which will send you speeding forward on your powerful creative projects

– 2 –

The 5 Critical Milestones

that advance your creative skills, build your network with publishers and peers, and help you overcome any conservation or creative challenge you encounter

– 3 –

The “Easy Button” Strategy

for making essential connections and contacts that drive forward your photography or film projects and get your work out into the world in a BIG way

– 4 –

The #1 Myth

that can hold you back for years if you continue to believe it (Hint: If you think it'll take you ages to get your work seen because you're new and just starting out, busting this myth will fast-track you.)


My Top Time-Savvy Strategy

for making progress on your creative goals, even if you only have a few hours a week to spare from your busy schedule. You'll get this strategy AND my favorite productivity tool as a bonus just for showing up!

You want to make a difference for wildlife and wilderness using your creative talents as a photographer or filmmaker, but you're stuck on where to begin and how to gain traction.

Trust me, you're not alone.

Your motivation is there, big time. But there's always another obstacle in the way.

Maybe it's a busy schedule that constantly pushes your passion work to the back burner. You try to get back on track but aren't sure where you should even begin.

Or it's uncertainty about how you “measure up” right now, and the fear of whether or not you're ready to pitch your work (or the fear of making the wrong move with an editor) that has you stalled out on forward progress.

Or it's the feeling of isolation… like you're on the outside looking in and wondering how in the world you can join the ranks of the accomplished pros you admire so much.

But here's the good news…

Knowing the milestones you're working toward speeds up your journey in a BIG way.

Whether you're an amateur photographer/filmmaker with a passion for creating change for your local community, or an aspiring professional with big dreams for your career, it's essential to know exactly what you're working toward at each step of becoming a mover-and-shaker with your conservation photography or films.

That clarity creates momentum.

When you understand the path to becoming an effective and impactful conservation visual storyteller with each essential point of the path you need to hit and where you are on the path right now that's when you gain the focus and tools to be truly effective (and fulfilled!) at the creative work you're so passionate about.

Your path is unique to you, but the points you must hit on the way to success are universal. This FREE masterclass lays each of them out for you.

A Personal Invitation From Jaymi…

Hey there!

I'm Jaymi, a professional conservation photographer who took the LONG way to get here.

For the past 10 years, I've worked hard to figure out how to craft stories and projects that really matter, how to connect with peers and pros in this field who could guide me, how to get my work out into the world where it could make an impact…. it's been a struggle!

In that process I realized something: it doesn't have to be.

In fact, when I look back at my journey and recall all the conversations I've had with others in this field, it's clear that those folks who are doing the most amazing on-the-ground work – whether they're volunteering or collecting a paycheck – have all taken essentially the same path with five core points they've hit along the way.

I'm laying out that path with those five essential points for you in this masterclass.

Conservation work is already time-sensitive, and you are essential. I don't want you to waste another minute trying to figure out how to lend your talents to this important effort.

Let's get you on track for doing BIG things!

– Jaymi